Solace Publication


An online community, literary magazine and blog dedicated to bringing comfort to those who feel like they don’t belong.
You belong here.

ReBecca DeFazio (also known as More Than a Flower) created this publication because she wants to help showcase writers, photographers, artists, etc, and their talents, especially those who might be overlooked. 

It has been her dream for a long time to create something beautiful that touches many important issues such as abuse/harassment, bullying, trauma, mental health, feminism/equality, etc. 

This space is all inclusive; welcoming to all. 

Our Motto, “You belong here” is something we feel everyone needs to hear. We all go through a lot of ups and downs throughout this journey (life) and it can be lonely at some points but you are needed and necessary. Your voice, heart, and magic are like no other. I hope this space can honor that and bring about connection, empowerment, and an overwhelming feeling that you absolutely belong here.


We had started our journey on Tumblr as well as on our Instagram (which you can find here) last year and are super excited to now have this site set up!

We will have a lot of amazing things to share, including our very first issue of Solace Literary Magazine which is to come!

I will also be releasing the theme for an Anthology project very soon so make sure to keep an eye out! 

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