The Solace Team

We are a small team of women who care about art, mental health, and bringing about connection, empowerment and a sense of true belonging!

ReBecca DeFazio

Founder of Solace Publication.

ReBecca DeFazio is a 28-year-old poet/writer who is obsessed with coffee, reading, and writing. Writing is her passion and has been for as long as she can remember. She has used it as a way of escaping, coping, dreaming, and sharing her experiences.

She has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a focus in poetry and has wanted to be a published author since she was about 8 years old. Now that she is all grown up, her mission is to share open and honest poetry that is inclusive and helps spread awareness on topics that deserve more time in the light of day such as mental health, trauma recovery, self-care, and the hardships that go along with being a woman in this world.

While ReBecca works on her many upcoming poetry collections (as well as fiction projects) she also created and works on Solace Publication. Solace has been something she has wanted to create for a long time and is so excited for it to be coming to life now!

Looking for ReBecca? You can find her here, here & here!

Miriam Otto

Curator, designer and editor for Solace Literary Magazine.

Miriam will bring color to your life with magical words. She joined Solace Publication to empower artists and poets; wanting to give them a voice. She loves to support fresh daisies and seasoned wordsmiths and enjoys finding beauty and hidden gems in other’s words and thoughts.

You are what you love!

So, Miriam is a poetess, a designer, an editor, an artist, a travel blogger, a dancer, a musician, a yogi, a photographer and a lifelong student! She is also the co-founder of “Voices of Poets” and just recently published her first anthology as a publisher filled with 27 poets from around the world! Her own poems appear within 14 different anthologies and magazines around the world, including Poetica Vol 1 published with By Me Poetry.

Looking for Miriam? Here she is! Oh, here too!

Hannah Reynolds

Host of Mental Health Fridays & curator for Solace Publication’s Instagram community.

Hannah has been writing since she was 15 years old. As a passionate writer, she chose to drop out of university within her first two months to pursue poetry fully. She has now written two poetry collections as well as a chapbook.

She is originally from and based near Brighton and joined Solace Publication with the goal to reach a diverse audience where she could offer new perspectives on challenging issues like mental health, relationships, and manipulation.

Looking for Hannah? Find her here! Here and here too!


Curator for Solace Publication’s Instagram community.

Cynthia has been writing since she was a little girl and has always been an avid reader. She is passionate about mental health issues, particularly sexual abuse/assault and domestic violence. She lives in Virginia with her two young daughters and holds a post-master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing from the University of Virginia. She is a trained psychotherapist and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Her professional and personal experiences inspire much of her poetry which she began sharing publicly in late 2018.

She joined Solace Publication because it spoke to her on a personal level and wanted to help the Solace community grow! She strives to lift up and empower others.

Cynthia has been published in two poetry anthologies with her third set to release later this year.

Want to see what Cynthia is up to? Check out her poetry here and you can also catch her reading poetry live here and here occasionally!

Alice (A.K.S)

Host of Alice 300 (interviews) & curator for Solace Publication’s Instagram community.

Alice is a part time freelance writer with an A.A. in liberal arts and is working on a degree in accounting. Her poetry and prose often alludes to the precious gift of hope and vulnerability. She also touches on topics such as abuse, trauma, and rape culture, as well as chronic pain and all of the confusion and unpredictability it creates.

She was amazed to find such an active and encouraging community of writers and artists on Instagram and is always happy to learn from them!

She joined Solace Publication to give a spotlight to creatives all over Instagram who may not get seen or heard as much as those who have a bigger following. Her project #Alice300 focuses on creatives with 300 followers or less! She loves to get to know them and share their thoughts and work!

Want to find Alice? Jump down the rabbit hole! You might find her (here) on the other side!

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